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Hiles Continues Development in Short Trackers at Viking

In his fourth year in the Short Tracker class, Nic Hiles of Miltona is having a true roller coaster season.

When he’s finished races – things have been good. He’s picked up his first two career feature wins, winning both at Viking Speedway in Alexandria, and has four top five finishes in seven starts.

He also has crashed – he ended up in the trees off turn three in Viking one night – and has battled mechanical woes with four DNFs this season.

But getting the first career win – and following up with his second last Saturday – certainly have been highlights.

“That was great. It’s sad that took so long, but I’m grateful that it happened,” Hiles said. “There’s some guys who’ve been racing for a long time who haven’t got one.”

Family members, including his uncles, influenced Hiles when it came to racing.

“My family races. My grandpa races vintage class, both my uncles on my mom’s side race,” Hiles said.

The fourth-year driver started in the Short Trackers, racing at I-94 EMR Speedway in Fergus Falls after being “gifted” a car. He admitted to staying further back in the field as he learned the ropes. He did not record a top five in his first year but had one in 2021 and added one in 2022. This year, armed with a new car, he has two wins and four top five finishes.

“It’s still a learning season. (It’s) a brand-new car to me,” Hiles said. “I’m trying to figure out the car and work out all the problems. It’s been one of my better seasons.”

He likes the fellow driver he competes against at Viking, and finds the Short Tracker fits his budget as a senior-to-be at Alexandria High School.

“I like the community. If anyone has any problem, we’re all there to help,” Hiles said. “It’s not really cheap, but it’s one of the cheaper classes. It’s more affordable for me.”

If anything, Hiles would win the award for most unique number in the class -- #H20. There is a reasoning behind that number – the H stands for Hiles and the O stands for Olmscheid (his uncles, Jonathan and Doug, race), and the 2 is in the middle to tie the names together.

“I go from Hiles to (2) Olmscheid,” Hiles said.

He’s hoping for a strong finish to the 2023 season. He is fourth in the points but second place is within reach. And he may also try out a new class later this season as well.

“I might try out a street stock towards the end of the season. We’ll see,” Hiles said. “I don’t know how quick (I’ll move up). I like this class. It’s a lot more money with those big cars.”

Driver Profile

Nic Hiles

Short Tracker #H20

Residence: Miltona, Minn.

Age: 17

Sponsors: It’s Just Fun Creations, Farmers Insurance – Mary Olmscheid Agency, Scooter’s Trucking, Bowman’s Grading and Graveling, Karl Racing, Andy Booke Trucking, Common Ground Coffee House, Cardinal Fab, Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Hiles, Grandpa and Grandma Olmscheid, Kim and Brian Casavan, Corey and Tammy Drewes, Aaron Thoennes, John Heacox

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