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Help Wanted: A Father's Influence

Brody Carlsrud, left, is one of many, many drivers whose father has influenced him. He is pictured with his father Cory.

I have a blog idea with Father’s Day coming up, but I need some help from you drivers.

I hear of many, many cases where a driver’s dad has made such a difference in their racing career. Maybe it was bringing them to the track as a kid, or helping them get their start in racing itself, or continuing to be a big supporter to this day.

So, it gave me an idea for a blog — hearing from the drivers talk about this impact. To do this drivers I need your help.

—a paragraph on your father’s influence/impact on your racing career.

—a picture of you and your dad, preferably next to a race car

You can send this via private message on Facebook or email I’d like all entries by June 1 as this will take time to put together. If I get enough entries this blog will be broken into to.


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