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Wissota 100 Preview/Predictions

RaceChaser has made some Wissota 100 predictions since the event moved to I-94 Sure Step Speedway a few years ago. So, for a little fun, here is the 2021 edition.

I wanted to confirm some of the pre-entries with Wissota and a big thanks to Wissota's Callie Sullivan for sending me that info. I didn’t include the Wissota Hornets and Pure Stocks, who raced their events on Tuesday night — plus I’m not very familiar with those classes since no local track sanctions those divisions.

This is based on pre-entries as I am sure a lot of folks will register when they arrive on Wednesday or Thursday. But I wanted to predict drivers who I'd knew would be there.

Wissota Late Model

2019 Winner: Chad Becker, Aberdeen

Expected Contenders: Cole Searing, Jeff Massingill, Dave Mass, Don Shaw, Shane Edginton, Dan Ebert

RaceChaser Pick: Jeff Massingill

I think this is pretty wide open like most classes — just not sure who will all show up. The draw will be key. Cole Searing of Huron, the national point leader, is coming off of third-place finish at the Seitz Memorial. He won at I-94 a few weeks ago.

If Chad Becker of Aberdeen, the 2019 Wissota 100 winner, competes he is an instant contender.

Dave Mass of East Bethel gets around I-94 pretty well and is the two-time track champion there. He is coming off of a top five at the Seitz Memorial.

I’m not 100 percent sure if Don Shaw will race this week, but I have a strong hunch he will. He becomes a contender. He finished second at the Seitz Memorial. Shane Edginton was fourth at the Seitz Memorial and is third in national points and is a very consistent racer.

Dan Ebert of Lake Shore will be behind the wheel of the #66 machine and will contend.

This is hard to pick because I don’t know which Wisconsin cars will trek up to I-94 this weekend. If drivers like John Kaanta or AJ Diemel show up, they have to be considered contenders.

But my pick is Jeff Massingill of Keewatin, Minn. He has five wins this season and 21 top fives and usually rises to the top five of the bigger shows. I think he’s due for a Wissota 100 win.

Wissota Modified

2019 Champion: Landon Atkinson

Expected Contenders: Dave Cain, Shane Sabraski, Tyler Peterson, Brandon Copp, Johnny Broking, Brady Gerdes, Dan Ebert, Landon Atkinson

RaceChaser Pick: Dan Ebert

I think this could be as stacked a field as there is at the event. Maybe 20 drivers could make the case for winning.

Shane Sabraski of Rice is a threat to win wherever he goes, and currently leads the national points.

Dave Cain of Corcoran is a former Wissota 100 winner at I-94 and also a former national champion, and knows how to get around I-94, especially on the lower or middle line. Shane Sabraski of Rice leads the national points and is a contender wherever he unloads.

Tyler Peterson of Hickson is on fire right now, coming off of back-to-back wins for the Seitz Memorial. He is only 16 points behind Sabraski in the latest national points. Peterson has 16 wins, and also is the I-94 track champion. It’s very hard to pick against him and I certainly think he’s a prime contender.

Brandon Copp of Brule, Wis., is third in national points and is going to be the rookie of the year. Johnny Broking of Grand Rapids won the Advantage RV Tour title and has 11 wins this season. Brady Gerdes of Villard is a multi-time I-94 track champion and also won the track title at Viking Speedway. Never count him out at either track.

Landon Atkinson of Little Falls will be back to defend his Wissota 100 title that he won in 2019 and never should be counted out in his Lethal Chassis.

Ebert won the Gierke Memorial at I-94 and also an Advantage RV Tour race there. He has run a very limited Wissota schedule, focusing more on USMTS this year. If he races at the 100, he’s my pick to get the title because he has been bad fast at I-94 Sure Step Speedway this year.

Wissota Super Stock

2019 Champion: Curt Myers

Contenders: Trevor Nelson, Trevor Saurer, Dexton Koch, Shane Sabraski, Kevin Burdick, Dave Mass, Dustin Nelson

RaceChaser Pick: Shane Sabraski

Nine of the 10 drivers in the Wissota national points are pre-registered.

Trevor Nelson of Warner, S.D. is a top runner in eastern South Dakota and has looked good when I see him race. Despite only racing 30 shows this year, he’s fourth in the national points.

Trevor Saurer of Dalton won another Viking track champion and is sneaky good. I think he will be a factor.

Burdick is the 2019 Wissota national champion and his TRC car is a rocket wherever he goes. It’s difficult to go against him as he and Sabraski are locked in a great battle for the national title.

I’m not sure if Dave Mass will have his super stock in town, but if he does, he’s an instant threat to win this.

Dustin Nelson of Ogilvie is a guy to watch. He has seven wins this season, and is the 2021 track champion at Princeton Speedway and North Central Speedway in Brainerd.

But my pick is the driver who at least the last few years, has been the fastest super stock around: Shane Sabraski of Rice. He is a two-time national champion and holds a small lead over Burdick in the standings. He can run his #7A on any lane on the track, and is incredibly smooth. He’s my pick.

Wissota Midwest Modified

2019 Champion: Tony Leiker Contenders: Troy Leiker, Tony Leiker, Brock Gronwold, Mike Nichols, Lucas Rodin, Aaron Blacklance, Travis Saurer, Tyler Kintner

RaceChaser Pick: Mike Nichols

Both Troy and Tony Leiker of Gillette, Wyo., are pre-registered for the Wissota 100 which makes an already stacked field even more loaded. Tony is in first in the national standings and Troy is third. Lucas Rodin of Marion is second. Tony is the defending Wissota 100 champion.

The top six in national points are separated by 72 points in a tight battle that will go down to the final weekend in October. If either or both show up add them to the contender list. Same if Shane Sabraski hops into a midwest modified like he did a few years ago.

I will include Travis Saurer of Elizabeth who is pre-registered. He’s a multi-time national champion and multi-time I-94 champion and knows I-94 as well as anyone.

Brock Gronwold of Fergus Falls is the I-94 champion and is as fast as anyone there. He has nine wins this year and if the track is fast on the top line, watch out.

Two drivers who are not pre-registered but I would consider contenders if they attend are Shane Howell of Buffalo and Matt Baker of St. Joseph, both of whom have wins at I-94 this season.

Aaron Blacklance of Thief River Falls is having the best season of his career with 20 wins overall. A dozen have come in the midwest modified and eight more in the street stock. He is another who has been fast wherever he has unloaded.

Rodin is locked in a great point battle with the Leikers and Mike Nichols of Watertown for the national title and is coming off of a win at Madison on Sunday.

Tyler Kintner of Hibbing has been the top midwest modified on the Iron Range. He has 15 wins and 32 top five finishes in 42 starts.

My pick is Mike Nichols. He has run well each time at I-94 this season and has finished in the top five in 37 of 41 starts, with 13 wins. He’s due to break through for a big win.

Wissota Street Stock

2019 Champion: Justin Vogel

Contenders: Parker Anderson, Braden Brauer, Justin Vogel, Ryan Satter, Kyle Dykhoff, Robert Petroff

RaceChaser Pick: Justin Vogel

Eight of the top 10 in Wissota national points are pre-registered. If Jonny Carter of Lisbon joins the field, he will contend.

Parker Anderson has had a year not many have had — 32 wins in 65 starts. He is the 2021 Steffes Street Stock Tour champion. I have a hard time not picking him. Fellow teenager Braden Brauer of Eyota, Minn., is also a threat. He won the ROC qualifier at I-94 and has 15 wins on the year.

Ryan Satter of Dent and Kyle Dykhoff of Starbuck both have piled up wins at I-94 and are two veterans who know the 3/8-mile awfully well. I like their chances.

The Montana drivers — Cory Craver, Jeremy Castro and Robert Petroff — are all pre-registered. I think all three could be factors this weekend but I think Petroff which 12 wins and 41 top fives in 45 starts is going to threaten for the win.

My pick is the Wolverine, Justin Vogel of Brooten. He’s warming up just in time for invitational season and is coming off of a big win at the Seitz Memorial. He almost always rises to the top with the big money on the line.

Wissota Mod 4

2019 Champion: Keith Thell

Contenders: Tommy Bawden, Dustin Holtquist, Robert Holtquist, Clint Jensen, Skyler Smith, Jeff Kittle

RaceChaser Pick: Skyler Smith

I don’t see the Mod 4s all that often. I think you have to look at the national points, and I like the top five drivers all to contend: Tommy Bawden of Clear Lake, Minn., Clint Jensen of Midland, S.D., Dustin Holtquist of St. Joseph, Minn., Bob Holtquist of Milbank, S.D. and Jeff Kittle of Casper, Wyo. All are pre-registered.

I’m going to pick Bemidji driver Skyler Smith. He has six wins on the year and 28 top five finishes.

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