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What I Miss About Being at the Racetrack...

I miss 3-wide racing like this.

Racing season has been over for a few weeks. I miss it already, and until I find a suitable winter hobby that provides the same outlet, there will be that void.

Things I miss about being at the track:

—Seeing the numerous friends I’ve met and made.

—Two and three-wide racing where equipment isn’t destroyed.

—Listening to the WOO Late Models at River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks, and listening to Brandon Sheppard’s engine crank the RPMs down the backstretch in the feature. Gave me goosebumps.

—Seeing Neil Walton’s hauler — which I believe hauls six Mini Stocks — in its usual spot at Sheyenne Speedway.

—The smell of the engine fumes and the noise of the car engines as they roar down the straightaway.

--Seeing drivers help each other -- after crashes, engine issues, etc.

—Feeling welcome and getting a lot of compliments from the folks at Viking Speedway in Alexandria.

—Visiting with Trey Hess at River Cities Speedway and trying to talk him into giving me some pizza from one of his sponsors. So far no luck.

—Watching IMCA Stock Car features at Red River Valley Speedway. Some of the best racing I saw all year.

—Talking to the Schow brothers and Reise Stenberg at River Cities Speedway. Always a good visit.

—Watching the USMTS Jamboree at Deer Creek, which as the most fun I had at a a race this year. Watching 30 mods start three wide was just awesome.

—Walking into Norman County Raceway and seeing Tyler Hall and Jesse Skalicky among the first cars when I walk in to the pit area. It’s a little thing but it’s good to see two young drivers with a lot of promise ahead.

—Giving Andy Wagner grief for me being a curse at NCR.

—Calling Jonny Carter “Doc.”

—Visiting with Kasey Ussatis and the 2U crew every night. Always make me feel welcome.

—Talking to Jerry Lee, father of midwest modified drivers Cody and Haley. Always so complimentary for the blog and just a genuinely good guy.

—The hot dogs at Sheyenne Speedway. Bobbianne Froemke knows what I am talking about.

—Listening to Ron Krog announce.

—Talking with late model veteran Tom Corcoran, who is kind enough to let me watch a few live streams of racing in his trailer. A very wise guy who truly what racing is about.

—Sitting in the grandstand at Viking with a large field of modifieds and hearing the ground shake when they take the green.

—Talking to the volunteers who keep Sheyenne Speedway going. So much pride taken in keeping that track going every week.

—Watching Todd and Jarrett Carter check out the track at Sheyenne. A lot of father-son pride with that race team.

—Watching Brock Gronwold give his kids ride on his little cycle.

—Watching a Wissota Mod feature at I-94 Sure Step Speedway.

—Talking to drivers after a feature win. Some good, genuine emotion there.

—Taco in a Bag at Norman County Raceway. I never can resist.

—Hearing the pre-race prayer at Norman County Raceway. As a person of faith it is nice to hear that.

—Watching drivers get their first career feature win.

—the hot, humid summer weather.

—Sunsets at the racetrack.

—Watching Steffes Street Stock tour features. Outstanding, competitive racing.

—The John Seitz Memorial weekend and atmosphere. Great racing and one of the top events around the region.

—Conversations with people like Corky Thomas, Justin Vogel, Eric Riley, Mike Stearns, Jade Hastings, Pokey Lukes, iuo

—Giving Dan Dowling and Dustin Bluhm a hard time…about pretty much anything. It’s just plain fun.

—Watching race families work together and hang out together at the track -- the Lees, Gerdes, Carters, Pedersons, Waltons, Mehrwerths, the Thomas family, Lunds, Rantens, Schows, Andersons, Robertsons, Jacobsons, Gierkes, Saurers, Christs, Nords, to name a few. It's quality family time.

There's a lot to miss not being at the track.

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