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The Goal is to Get to 200

Joey, Kelsi and Tucker Pederson are 3 of the 168 drivers who've been featured in RaceChaser blog stories.

In 2017, I started RaceChaser blog. I honestly had very little direction of where it was going – I figured some race reports and feature stories and see what the response was.

Truth is, I knew of a lot of drivers through being a fan, and had seen many race, but I didn’t know any personally.

Fast forward to 2022, with the start of the season a matter of days away. I’ve kept track of the drivers I’ve done feature stories on, and the number is 169. That includes some drivers who were outside the RaceChaser coverage area but raced at the area tracks. I plan to do more of those this year (for example, Shane Edginton races at River Cities, the Mehrwerth family races periodically at I-94 Sure Step, and so on). That may include some drivers who are well known in the region’s racing ranks who are from outside the area – late model John Kaanta for example.

Yeah, that’s a lot. More than 30 per season, in fact. And that’s not counting others who I’ve talked to for brief post-race interviews after feature wins.

So as I head to the 2022 season, the goal is to hit 200 drivers featured in stories. I take the blog year to year as far as continuing, but getting to 200 to me would be a nice accomplishment.

For fun, here is the list:

168 drivers

Wissota Late Model (19): John Kaanta, Harry Hanson, Jeff Massingill, Cole Schill, Dave Smith, Matthew Smith, Kevin Robertson, Erik Robertson, Tom Corcoran, Clarence Washburn, Bryce Sward, Brad Seng, Shane Edginton, Brody Troftgruben, Casey Meyer, Shawn Meyer, Greg Meyer, Joey Pederson, Mike Greseth

Wissota Mod (13); Jason Thoennes, Corky Thomas, Chris Mensen, Ward Imrie, Brady Gerdes, Dan Ebert, Mike Stearns, Jason Blascyk, Landon James Atkinson, Dusty Bitzan, Cody Skytland, Zach Johnson, Brett Hoium

IMCA Mod (15): Rob VanMil, John Corell, Lucas Rodin, Tyler Hall, Dave Shipley, Greg Friestad, Hank Berry, Billie Christ, Billy Kendall, Marlyn Seidler, Darren Pfau, John Nord, Matt Aukland, Jamie Schulz, Jarrett Carter

IMCA Sport Mod (5): Jesse Skalicky, Andy Wagner, Luke Johnson, Brandon Ferris, Chris VanMil

IMCA Stock Car (6): Travis Robertson, Kalvin Kesselberg, Tim Compson, Brandon Schmidt, Keaten Froemke, Rick Schulz

Wissota Mid Mod (33): Dylan Goplen, Eric Lamm, Tyler Peterson, Cody Lee, Haley Lee, McKenzie Mikkelson, Dan Wheeler, Nate Reinke, Kyle Langland, Alex Langland, Ryan Schroeder, Victoria Stutsky, Abby Gierke, Brendan Blascyk, Reise Stenberg, Corey Storck, Aaron Blacklance, Sam Zender, Jamie Dietzler, Justin Froemming, Hunter Hougard, Brock Gronwold, Justin Jones, Ashley Mehrwerth, Brandon Mehrwerth, Ryan Schow, Matt Schow, Jaden Varnson, Shawn Olson, Jaren Wibstad, Jory Berg, Nate Raasaaka, Dan Pederson

NOSA Sprints (10): Wade Nygaard, Austin Pierce, Nick Omdahl, Brendan Mullen, Jordan Adams, Jade Hastings, Nick Ranten, Chris Ranten, Zach Omdahl, Jack Croaker

Wissota Street Stock (21): Ryan Satter, Kyle Dykhoff, Adam Burrows, Eric Riley, Jerry Lamb, Ryan Johnson, Maria Broksieck, Shawn/Jack Koranda, Kyle Anderson, Jonny Carter, Daniel Aberle, Nitro Williams, Seth Klostreich, Jaden Christ, Charlie Christ, Megan McNamee, Dan McNamee, Tucker Pederson, Andrew Bangsund, Todd Carter

Hobby Stock/Bomber/Pure Stock (10): Kasey Ussatis, Torey Fischer, Dillon Thorpe, Dylan Steele, Alyssa White, Clay Gentzkow, Kelby Anderson, Brodee Eckerdt, Nick Nord, Zach Nord

Legends (7): Tim Estenson, Kaitlyn Skalicky, Scott Richardson, Brody Carlsrud, Andrew Jochim, Glenn Mitchell, Zander Bauer

Hornet/Mini Stock (13): Cole Anderson, Daniel Harstad, Neil Walton, Gavin Walton, Cole Greseth, Austin Lammers, Corey Mehrwerth, Pokey Lukes, Brittany Smith, Kelby Anderson, Kevin Youngquist, Shawn Beto, Levi Lease

Limited Late Model (5): Brent Pulskamp, Blake Saathoff, Dustin Bluhm, Larry Samuelson, Brad Staples

Wissota Super Stock (5): Jeff Crouse, Cory Tammen, Matt Miller, Jason Cook, Karter Reents

Lighting Sprints (4): Jason Berg, Kelsi Pederson, Garrison Miller, Kate Taves

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