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Steffes Tour a Huge and Well-Deserved Boost for Wissota Street Stocks

I really wanted to see a tour or series develop for the Wissota Street Stocks in this part of the country as I wrote last summer. I think the class goes unappreciated at a lot of tracks for reasons I mentioned last summer.

Not only has a series come together, but it’s probably exceeded anything any diehard fan could imagine. The Steffes Wissota Street Stock Tour was announced this week. According to tour director Benji Froemke, there are a whopping 17 events scheduled at 15 different tracks. The schedule poster is slated to be released this week with the dates and tracks involved.

With 17 events scheduled, it’s likely 10 events (or so) will count towards the tour points. A majority of the races will be in June and July with the tour wrapping up in early August. Each tour stop will pay a minimum of $500 or $1,000 to win the feature with $100 to start. There also is a point fund in the works. But the big thing is the purse — running for $100 to start the A feature and $500 to $1,000 to win each night is a big steps for the street stocks, and the tracks stepping up to do this deserve credit.

Froemke — the co-promoter at Sheyenne Speedway in Lisbon, N.D. — has taken this idea and run with it with a lot of support from tracks and street stock drivers. On Jan. 9 the series was announced on Facebook —and the tour page had 17,000 page views in 24 hours.

I see GREAT DEAL. This class deserves it.

I think some of the best racing at tracks is in the street stock class. The last two Wissota Street Stock national champions — Justin Vogel of Brooten (2018) and Jonny Carter of Lisbon (2019) — were from the RaceChaser coverage area. The quality in this part of the country is unmatched, in my opinion at least against other parts of Wissota.

I think of some of the top runners around here — Carter, Todd Carter of Lisbon, Ryan Satter of Dent, Kyle Dykhoff of Starbuck, Eric Riley of Morris, Kasey Ussatis of Nome, Dan Aberle of Finley, Ryan Johnson of Karlstad, Ryan Pommerer of Oriska and Royce Jawaski of Horace to name just a few — and I’d like to see them matched up more often with quality drivers outside the area. Like some Wisconsin drivers like Danny Richards, Parker Anderson and CJ Wagner. Like some drivers from the Montana region like Cory Craver and Robert Petroff, both who finished in the top 10 in Wissota national points a year ago. Or drivers who race at Deer Creek like Dustin Doughty, Kory Adams and Braden Brauer. It’d be great to see different street stock drivers from different areas of Wissota country matched up more often.

A lot of credit to Froemke, who has done a lot of work to put this together, and to find a presenting sponsor, Steffes. He’s been working with the tracks to set up dates and that number has just kept growing.

I look forward to hearing more details about this series as they get released.

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