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Ready for Year 7 for RaceChaser Blog

Well it’s been a while since I’ve written a RaceChaser blog. Since Oct. 2022, in fact. That is the longest I’ve gone without some kind of a blog post since I started the blog in 2017.

There were a few reasons for the absence. First, I don’t tend to write much in the offseason; second I started a new job in late Sept. and that took some adjustments; and third, I debated long and hard about doing the blog again in 2023.

It’s a big-time commitment and a lot of miles and nights in the summer and that, along with some mental health and personal struggles I won’t go into detail about, made me think long and hard about blogging.

I started the blog as an outlet for me but also to help tell the stories of dirt-track racing. It’s been good for a shy introvert like me to meet people, and trust me, I’ve met a ton of good folks along the way. I’ve also met a few characters, too but they are part of what make racing fun. I’ve also developed some friendships with drivers I truly respect.

I like to talk to drivers outside the area from time to time. My first few years I did stories on South Dakota standout Mike Stearns, late model star John Kaanta, Iron Range legend Harry Hanson and Montana’s all-time great, Hank Berry, among others.

The past couple of years, I decided to focus the coverage area on seven tracks that made the most sense geographically (110 mile radius of Fargo), and we piled up the stories on local drivers, which was fun and provided good traffic for the site. Once in a while I’d venture out of the area and do a story, like on the Mehrwerth family but kept the focus on the coverage area.

More than 200 drivers have been featured since 2017. There are still plenty of driver stories to tell in the coverage area and trust me I will, but there are others I want to tell, too about drivers from outside the area. Providing some variety would be a good boost for the blog and also help me avoid being burned out. I want to travel to as many different tracks as possible.

I will still write race reports – but will do so when I feel like it. I’d like to hit some different tracks and write some reports. I plan on covering some Dirt Race Central Street Stock Tour, Rebel Midwest Mod Tour and Moonshine Mod Tour events, some even remotely. I also plan to hit the seven tracks in my coverage area too as a majority of the feature stories will come from those tracks.

Racing is meant to be fun and last year I got burned out. The blog felt like a job at times. When I went to Ogilvie for the Fall Classic last October, I just felt refreshed just being a fan.

Normally I recharge pretty well in the offseason but this year was tougher. In the end this is just a blog and not sure it has a huge impact on racing. But even if it contributes a little to the racing world I’d feel it’s a success.

I plan to "wing it" more schedule-wise, kinda going where I feel like. I do hope to get to my home area for some racing this year.

I am still struggling with mental health and personal issues but I'm hoping racing can help those areas a little.

When the weather warms up and straightens out, and it will, I’m looking forward to a summer with a lot of tracks to visit and drivers to feature.

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