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Racing a Bond That Brings Jacobsons Together

The Jacobson family -- Scott, left, Andrea, middle and Kelly, right by their race cars.

Some families go fishing, hunting or to the lake for recreation. The Jacobson family of Fargo goes to the racetrack for their fun.

The Jacobson racing team includes Scott, who has raced since 1993; his son Kelly, who has raced since 2011; and his daughter Andrea, in her fourth year in the IMCA Hobby Stock Class.

“It’s a family affair,” Scott Jacobson said. “We don’t go hunt, we don’t go fishing. We go racing.”

The Jacobson name is well known in the Red River Valley racing region – and that includes “Big” Joe Jacobson, a long-time successful racer who is slated to go into the Red River Valley Racing Hall of Fame this Friday. Dave Jacobson, who passed away earlier this year, also raced many years. Joe and Dave are Scott Jacobson’s uncles, and great-uncles to Kelly and Andrea.

“Joe is the one that paved the way for me first, and then Kelly and now Andrea,” Scott said.

“We’re Jacobsons; that’s what we do,” Kelly said of racing.

Scott and Kelly race against each other in the IMCA Sport Mods at Red River Valley Speedway, Norman County Raceway and Buffalo River Speedway.

“It’s got its days,” Kelly said of racing against his father. “He and I have some real good battles. Sometimes we go back to the trailer not talking to each other. Some nights we can beat and bang on each other and get out of the car and laugh and hug and have a good night of racing.”

Andrea Jacobson, 18, is a recent Fargo North High School graduate. She got into racing through her dad and her brother. She is in pursuit of her first career feature win.

“Hopefully soon,” Andrea said. “I’ve won a couple of heats, so hopefully soon. We’ll stay in this one until I win a few and then think about moving up. But not until I win a few.”

Scott has raced a bit of everything in his career – street stocks, late model stocks, B mods,a super stocks and for one year, a Wissota Modified. Since 2014, he’s been in the IMCA Sport Mod class.

“I get to race with all of my buddies and my oldest son,” Scott said. “That’s the best part of this.”

Kelly has raced since 2011. He started in the pure stocks and has raced stock cars, sport mods, hobby stocks, and in the super stocks.

“Some weeks it was triple duty,” Kelly said. “Pretty much anything anyone will let me drive, I will (drive).”

Andrea Jacobson is having a solid season in her #15 car, with 11 top five finishes in 22 starts.

“Seat time definitely helps out a lot,” Andrea said.

Scott won track championships at Red River Valley and Buffalo River Speedway in 2021. He had a remarkably consistent season with six wins and 32 top fives in 40 starts.

“It is the best year of my career,” Scott said. “I had a lot of great sponsors that helped me out. Money’s a big thing in racing, and spending it in the right spots is a big thing.”

This season hasn’t been too shabby either for Scott: four wins and 16 top fives in 19 starts. There is a close fight for the points title at Buffalo River as Kelly leads Scott by four points heading into Sunday’s season championships at the 1/4-mile.

Kelly is having a solid year, too, with one feature win and 15 top five finishes in 21 starts. He is looking for a strong finish to 2021.

“Trying to get some good runs and have some fun racing,” Kelly said.

There is another member of the Jacobson family who’s joined the racing ranks: 10-year-old Nicholas has hopped into a go-kart this summer. He’s the crew chief on his dad Scott’s #5 car.

The family often works on their cars together and usually pits next to each other, too. It’s all quality time.

“It’s fun,” Andrea said. “We spend a lot of time together because of it. We’re really close because of it.”

Driver Profiles

Scott Jacobson

IMCA Sport Mod #5

Residence: Fargo, N.D.

Age: 49

Sponsors: Northwest Auto Body, Sanders Metal Products, Precision Plumbing and Heating and Dirt Work, Site on Sound, M&J Auto Parts, Quality Engines, Quality Pools and Spas, OLR Transportation, Froemke Excavating, Flom Property Group

Kelly Jacobson

IMCA Sport Mod #15

Residence: Fargo, N.D.

Age: 29

Sponsors: Northwest Auto Body, Prairie Land Ag, M&J Auto Parts, Jacobson Service Center, Al’s Auto Parts, Taves Turkey Farm, Valley Property Solutions, Fox Underground, Quality Engines

Andrea Jacobson

IMCA Hobby Stock #15

Residence: Fargo, N.D.

Age 18

Sponsors: Wheel Tech by CARS, Northwest Auto Body, Northernstone, Site on Sound, Anderson Shoe and Tarp Repair

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