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RaceChaser is Thankful for...

3-wide racing at I-94 Sure Step Speedway

The third annual RaceChaser Thanksgiving blog is coming out. Even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and a nasty, divided election, we race fans got to enjoy some good things this year.

Here are some things to be thankful for:

—thankful to all those who read this blog. It wouldn’t be here without your following and support. Thanks to the many who provide feedback as well.

—thankful to the track owners/promoters who stuck their necks out — financially and in other ways — to open in 2020 amid the Covid-19 pandemic. A big thank you to those folks to give us racing around the region.

—thankful to Benji Froemke for his work in organizing the Steffes Street Stock Tour. It exceeded expectations and produced outstanding racing and camaraderie off the track.

—along those lines, thankful to the many drivers who supported the street stock tour in its inaugural year.

—thankful for the sponsors. Those who sponsor race cars themselves and those that sponsor tracks or events at tracks. This year, especially.

—thankful to the pit crew members who work a lot of hours, many unnoticed to the public, to help get the race cars ready for the week. It’s a lot of time they invest.

—thankful for making many friends through racing, including some close ones. For an introvert who isn’t good at that kind of thing that’s a blessing.

—thankful my dad brought me to races as a kid. Racing has been part of my life since I was four years old and being a fan is my passion.

—thankful to the sponsors of RaceChaser blog in 2020. That support was humbling and amazing.

—thankful for the safety equipment in the race cars that prevents serious injuries. Sometimes you just are amazed drivers walk away unscathed after some of these crashes.

—thankful to all the volunteers at Sheyenne Speedway who keep a good racing program running each week. There’s an awful lot of good things happening at the 1/4-mile oval in Lisbon.

—thankful that a Covid-19 vaccine appears near and that life can return to some normalcy for tracks and business owners soon. Please.

—thankful to the 60-plus drivers who put RaceChaser stickers on their cars this year. Next year the goal is 100!

—thankful to the four drivers who carried the sponsorships in 2020 — Kasey Ussatis, Larry Samuelson, Torey Fischer and Jordan Adams.

—thankful for the awesome video work Mason Eisenzimmer does at tracks in the region. It’s second to none, and this guy puts on a lot of miles.

—thankful to my wife for putting up with my travel and nights away.

—thankful to the tracks and promoters — Norman County Raceway, Red River Valley Speedway, River Cities Speedway, I-94 Sure Step Speedway, Viking Speedway and Sheyenne Speedway — for the pit access and RaceChaser sponsorship in 2020. Also a thank you to Heather MacDonald at Devils Lake Speedway for her help and access she provided at that track as well.

—thankful to the drivers who race 2-3 nights a week and put on a show for us fans.

—thankful that I-94 Sure Step Speedway and Don Shaw put on the King of the Dirt Special in September. It wasn’t quite the Wissota 100, but was a fun event with great car counts.

—thankful we’ve got some really good young talent rising in the area racing ranks which bodes well for the future.

—thankful to God for the safe travel once again in 2020 — more than 10,000 miles traveled to racing by RaceChaser for this season.

—thankful for 3-wide racing and photo finishes. Best part of racing.

—thankful for the Fall Jamboree at Deer Creek Speedway. My favorite modified event ever.

—thankful to all of the racing families in the RaceChaser area — Lees, Carters, Gerdes, Arnesons, Pedersons, Stevens, Waltons, Dykhoffs, McNamees, Langlands, Meyers, Thomas, Lunds, Saurers, Gierkes, Braseths, Jacobsons (to name a few) — they are examples of what racing is all about.

And, thankful we get to enjoy racing in the greatest country in the land.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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