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Night 2 Wissota 100 Wins to Vogel, Rodin, Mars, Koch and Eischens

Night 2 of the Wissota 100 qualifying is in the books. Even though the forecast was terrible — my app said a 90 percent chance of rain as of 7 p.m. at one point — the entire night of racing, which included heats and qualifying features and three Race of Champion events, was done by 10:45 p.m. Shane Sabraski won the Wissota Super Stock ROC just as rain began.

The track was a multi-lane track and I thought aside from a few incidents the features went pretty smooth. So far, at least from the action I’ve seen, we haven’t seen a ton of tore up equipment; let’s hope that continues on Friday, which desperation to get into the show starts to set in a bit. I give a lot of credit to the folks at I-94 for running a good show the first two nights, and to the drivers for keeping things clean for the most part.

Race of Champions winners included Ty Agen in the Wissota Street Stocks, David Simpson in the Wissota Midwest Modifieds and Shane Sabraski in the Wissota Super Stocks. The Wissota Mod 4s, who join the show on Friday, Wissota Modifieds and Wissota Late Models will hold their ROC events on Friday.

A handful of drivers declined their spots on Thursday.

Here is a look at the fields so far:

Wissota Street Stock

Already qualified for inside row on Wednesday: 1. Kyle Dykhoff; 2. Scott Bintz; 3. Hunter VanGilder; 4. Justin Pogones; 5. Kaden Woodie; 6. Taylor Garberich; 7. Ross Bjerkeset

Top eight from Thursday’s feature: 1. Justin Vogel (declined spot); 2. Kyle Genett; 3. Tim Johnson; 4. Kolby Kiehl; 5. Ty Agen; 6. Jeff Ekdahl; 7. Eric Riley; 8. Greg Jose

Remember I was saying what a good job the 24 cars did going caution free on Wednesday in the Wissota Street Stocks. Cautions plagued the feature on Thursday.

Justin Vogel of Brooten is locked in fierce national points battle with Kyle Dykhoff, who won on Wednesday. In terms of national points, Vogel needs wins at this point. On Thursday he did just that, thanks to a persistent effort in pursuit of Wisconsin driver Kyle Genett.

Vogel would get the win — his 19th of the season. However, the Wolverine is a gambler who is never afraid of a challenge, and is aiming for another feature win on Friday — so he declined the front-row spot. He could still get a front-row spot with a win on Friday.

As a result, Genett will start on the front, on the outside row, for Saturday’s main event. One driver never to count out — Tim Johnson of Brainerd, who is driving Bryan Crandall’s #69 car — now will start in the second row. He’s a former national champion and a big-time racer.

Kolby Kiehl of Barron, Wis., went from 10th to fourth, while Ty Agen of Chippewa Falls went from 11th to fifth. Jeff Ekdahl went from 14th to sixth while Eric Riley of Morris went from 19th to seventh. Greg Jose of Grand Forks, who won his heat, finished in eighth to qualify.

With Vogel declining, Kyle Anderson of Jamestown moved into the top eight, but he also declined. Former Wissota 100 champion Mike Jans now is qualified as a result, he will start in the eighth row.

Some cars still needing to get into the show include former Kyle Howland, Cole Greseth, Braden Brauer, Chris Serr, Jeff Nowak and Jayden Bogh, among several others.

Wissota Midwest Modified

Already qualified for inside row: 1. Travis Saurer; 2. Michael Truscott; 3. Randy Large; 4. Shane Howell; 5. William Molter; 6. Greg Pfeiffer Jr.; 7. Justin Froemming; 8. Matt Heinzerling

Top eight from Thursday’s feature: 1. Lucas Rodin; 2. Nick Koehler; 3. Travis Schulte; 4. Brendan Blascyk; 5. Brennon Weight; 6. Zach Benson; 7. Tommy Nichols; 8. Nate Reinke

Defending Wissota 100 and defending national champion Lucas Rodin of Marion, N.D., is back on the front row and will start second on Saturday. Former national champion Brock Gronwold led early but was a DNF and will seek to qualify on Friday.

Bloomer, Wis., driver Nick Koehler went from fifth to second while Travis Schulte of Becker went from 15th to third. I-94 and Viking champion Brendan Blascyk was a solid fourth, while Brennon Weight, a top runner at Brown County Speedway and Jamestown, was fifth. My pick for the week, Zach Benson of Princeton, was in sixth. Tommy Nichols of Watertown was in seventh.

Justin VanEps went from 22nd to 12th to have a nice run.

All top eight finishers claimed their spots for Saturday's feature.

With 89 cars on hand, and possibly a few more joining tomorrow, there are a lot of really good cars still trying to get into the show.

Wissota Late Model

Already qualified for inside row (in order): 1. Chad Becker; 2. Cole Searing; 3. Danny Vang; 4. Jordan Tollakson; 5. Travis Budisalovich; 6. Blake Swenson; 7. Shawn Meyer (no other drivers took the final spot)

Top eight from Thursday’s feature: 1. Jimmy Mars; 2. Sam Zender; 3. Shane Edginton; 4. Kevin Burdick; 5. Sam Mars; 6. Cole Schill; 7. Jeff Massingill; 8. Mike Greseth (declined spot)

The defending champion of the Wissota 100, Jimmy Mars of Menomonie, Wis., took control early and ran away with the win.

There was a great battle for second late between Canadian Shane Edginton and Sam Zender, with Zender edging the 5E at the line. Former Wissota Super Stock national champion Kevin Burdick of Proctor was fourth, with Sam Mars fifth.

Former I-94 champion Cole Schill of Hawley was sixth, with Jeff Massingill of Keewatin seventh and two-time NLRA champion Mike Greseth of Harwood eighth. Greseth declined his spot, however, and that moved Josh Zimpel of Braham, a late model rookie, into the show.

Some good cars still are seeking to qualify, including Josh Skoczewski, Jeff Provinzino, Pat Doar, Matt Aukland and Bryce Sward.

Wissota Super Stocks

Already qualified for inside row: 1. William Lund; 2. Trevor Nelson; 3. Dustin Nelson; 4. Brandon Duelleman; 5. Jack Koranda; 6. Gary Husmann; 7. Dylan Nelson; 8. Ryan Kostreba

Top eight from Thursday: 1. Dexton Koch; 2. Shane Sabraski; 3. Dave Mass; 4. Jacob Knapper; 5. Tim Johnson; 6. Jordan Henkemeyer (declined spot); 7. James Trantina; 8. Scott Lawrence

Dexton Koch of Becker, who is second in the Wissota Super Stock national points, topped national point leader Shane Sabraski for Thursday’s win.

Former national champion Dave Mass of East Bethel was third ahead of Fiesta City Speedway track champion Jacob Knapper of Montevideo.

The interesting thing about the Wissota Super Stocks on Wednesday — they were the only class where all eight cars who qualified kept their positions for Saturday. On Friday, sixth-place finisher Jordan Henkemeyer declined his spot, moving Eric Martini into the show.

Wissota Modified

Already qualified for inside row: 1. Tyler Peterson; 2. Shane Sabraski; 3. Johnny Broking; 4. Landon Atkinson; 5. Jody Bellefeuille; 6. Michael Truscott; 7. Mike Stearns; 8. Dusty Bitzan

Top eight from Thursday: 1. Don Eischens; 2. Dave Cain; 3. Zach Johnson; 4. Dan Ebert (declined spot); 5. Joseph Thomas; 6. Jason Thoennes (declined spot); 7. Ryan Gierke; 8. Dale Ames

The Ice Man Don Eischens of Richmond, who is having a very good year, picked up the win to earn a front-row starting spot. It was his eighth win of 2022.

Former Wissota 100 champion and national champion Dave Cain of Corcoran, always a threat at the 100, was second. The Millennial Farmer, Zach Johnson of Lowry was third.

Defending champion Dan Ebert of Lake Shore went from 17th to fourth while Joe Thomas of Glyndon went from 15th to fifth.

Jason Thoennes of Garfield was sixth ahead of Ryan Gierke of Villard. Dale Ames of Huron, another driver having a good year, was eighth.

Ebert and Jason Thoennes declined their spots, moving Josh Thoennes and modified rookie Ryan Flaten into the show.

Brandon Copp, Matt Aukland, Brian Haben, Travis Saurer, Bob Broking and Blake Jegtvig did not make it out of the feature on Thursday and will try again on Saturday.

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