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More About the RaceChaser Blog...and the Blogger

I get asked questions about RaceChaser blog from time to time. Some about the blog itself, and some about me. I thought it'd be nice.

So — and some of this will probably be included in a FAQ part of the website — here it goes

General Blog Questions:

1. What tracks do you cover?

Six primary tracks — Viking Speedway in Alexandria, Red River Valley Speedway in West Fargo, Norman County Raceway in Ada, River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks, I-94 Sure Step Speedway in Fergus Falls and Sheyenne Speedway in Lisbon. This includes in-person race reports and feature stories on the drivers who race at these tracks. Last year Devils Lake Speedway was included as a primary track as well. This year, because of logistics and my time, we will keep it at six primary tracks.

This year — and more will be explained later — Devils Lake, Bemidji Speedway and Casino Speedway in Watertown will be included as secondary tracks. That may include some features on drivers from those tracks and coverage of special events. Trying to add some variety in 2021.

2. What does a Race Report entail?

Normally, it includes 2-3 video postrace interviews with winners and a recap of the night from my perspective. I usually am fair in my coverage unless some major incident happens. Short recaps of other RaceChaser tracks and their nights as well.

3. Who is featured in the stories?

Entering 2021 more than 130 drivers have been featured. It usually is around 30 a year, give or take. Sometimes there are stories on track workers, promoters, etc. which I hope to resume more in 2021. Last year, because of the Covid-19 messing with the schedule, the focus was mainly on drivers, but I hope to do more behind the scenes stuff this year. And do a story on fans. Plus last offseason we did some Catching Up stories with drivers from the past.

4. How many nights do you attend local tracks a year?

My goal is to hit each of the primary tracks at least five times in-person a summer. I do take 3-4 weekends in the summer to just be a fan and go to the races outside of the region. For example, went to Deer Creek, Ogilvie, Rice Lake and Superior last year just to watch. Sometimes that’s a good break.

5. How much are sponsorships?

The four presenting sponsor spots are sold out but several other opportunities are available. Contact me via Facebook.

6. What kind of traffic does the site get?

From Jan. 1, 2020 to Dec. 1, 2020, there were 27,231 users, 48,878 sessions and 63,508 page views on race All record highs.

7. What is the future for the blog?

I take it year-to-year, depending on family and health, etc. I am fully committed to 2021. I have some things in the works for 2021 that will be announced in the months ahead.


1. Why was the blog started?

From encouragement from my dad, who brought me to countless races growing up, I decided to try it in April 2017. It was an experiment with a lot trial and error. He felt like I had a lot of knowledge and that it would be a good outlet for me. Plus, a chance to give stock-car racing some publicity.

2. More about the blogger.

I’ve been going to racing since I was four years old. I am a diehard fan. I grew up in Clarkfield, Minn. — a town that I think God forgot — which is a town that is now around 800 people in southwest Minnesota. My family included my parents and two younger brothers.

I’m pretty introverted and may come across as unfriendly — I’m not, just pretty shy. Also with so many people my face-to-name recognition isn’t great.

My day job is assistant athletic director for media relations at Minnesota State University Moorhead, a position I’ve held since 2012. The blog is totally separate from my day job.

I’ve been to 51 different tracks across the midwest. My favorite tracks are Deer Creek Speedway, Cedar Lake Speedway and Gondik Law Speedway. I’m hoping to hit at least two new tracks in 2021.

I grew up watching late models and modifieds but I like good racing in any division.

I’ve served as an announcer — many years ago — at Fiesta City Speedway and Grove Creek Raceway. I’ve also filled-in at Redwood and Viking Speedways.

3. Who got you into racing?

My dad. He raced some when I was little and after that, took us to racing in Madison, Canby, Montevideo and Redwood Falls. Eventually that expanded to Grove Creek, Alexandria and Sauk Centre, with a yearly trip to Cedar Lake. We went to specials in Owatonna and Fairmont, too.

4. What is my favorite part about the blog?

Being at the track and meeting people. I've met some great people, including some close friends, that I would never have met without it. and I love hearing the roar of engines and the atmosphere at the track.

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