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Molter Making Strides in Short Trackers

Brady Molter’s first career feature win didn’t come in the most conventional way.

On Aug. 27, 2021, Molter was running in third in the Short Tracker feature at I-94 Sure Step Speedway when the top two cars got together.

“I was going to settle for third, until first and second took themselves out,” Molter said. “It was one of those, in the right place at the right time.”

The win was the first of two career victories for the 21-year-old from Rothsay, who is in his fourth season racing in the Short Tracker class.

“I was stunned and nervous. I wasn’t expecting it to come last year,” Molter said. “A lot of emotion. I don’t think I went to bed until about 2 in the morning.”

Like many, Molter’s interest in racing started with a trip to the track when he was young.

“I went to the races when I was 10, and I’ve been hooked ever since,” Molter said.r car.

Molter’s father bought a car at an auction but it wasn’t in good enough shape to race. So, they bought anothe

“We went out and bought a Cavalier I ended up racing for two years,” Molter said. “I totaled that out at the King of the Dirt in 2020.”

He’s been in his current car for two years, with both victories coming in that car.

This season has been solid for Molter. He picked up his second career win at Buffalo River Speedway near Glyndon on July 27 – despite battling a hurt motor. He has eight top five finishes in 11 starts.

“It’s had its ups and downs,” Molter said.

He works for a farmer near Wahpeton and is beginning to get busy in the field, and Molter wants to use the free time he has to spend with friends and family, so the season for the #50 car is likely over.

But he’s found a home in the Short Tracker class, where he is fourth in points at I-94.

“It’s fun, and they are easy to work on,” Molter said. You don’t have to do as much maintenance as some of these bigger classes. You get to go out and just have fun and meet people like Shawn Beto and (build) friendships.”

Driver Profile

Brady Molter

Short Tracker #50

Residence: Rothsay, N.D.

Age: 21

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