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Greseth Learning the Ropes with Dad Along Side as Mentor

Cole Greseth, 13, right, is in his second year behind the wheel of the #19 Mini Stock and his dad, Matt, left, is serving as his mentor.

Cole Greseth of Harwood had to wait a few nerve-wracking moments after the checkered flag to see if he won his first career race. It was that close.

Greseth edged Roger “Pokey” Lukes — who is more than 50 years his senior — by inches at the line at Sheyenne Speedway in Lisbon on June 30, 2019 for his first career Mini Stock win — and it was a memorable one at that. Oh, and Cole was only 12 at the time.

“I was super excited, but we didn’t know that I won for a while,” Cole Greseth said. “It was very close. Even if I had got second, I was really glad to run as well as I did.”

HIs dad, Matt Greseth — a three-time Wissota Mod 4 National Champion who raced in the Mod 4s for seven years — remembers his feeling after that win.

“Super proud,” Matt Greseth said. “He’s excelled as far as a driver. He raced go-karts for a few years, and it’s been fun to watch.”

Cole Greseth, now 13, is in his second year in the Mini Stock class. He races at I-94 Sure Step Speedway and Sheyenne Speedway, and raced at Buffalo River Race Park in 2019 (that track didn’t open this year). He started in the go-karts at age seven before moving into the Mini Stock car last season.

“He basically said if you want to race, I’ll get you a car, and you’ve got to help me gut it out and make it into a race car,” Cole said, referring to a conversation with his dad. “It was fun.”

He had five top five finishes in 2019, including the win at Sheyenne.

“It was really exciting,” Cole said. “To come out in your first year — I think it was like my eighth race — that was exciting and was a big confidence booster.”

Driving a 2004 Cavalier with the #19 on the side, Cole Greseth is continuing the family racing tradition. In addition to his dad, Matt — who retired after the 2006 season — his uncle, Mike, races the No. 17 Wissota Modified at local tracks. Cole, who was born in 2007 after his father retired, grew up watching Mike race.

Moving from the go-karts to the Mini Stock was an adjustment for Cole, who will be an eighth grader at Northern Cass school this fall.

“I just learned, it’s way different racing than watching races,” Cole said. “Sometimes when you’re watching a race, you see something that you’d probably would have done…you realize it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s definitely different.”

Matt Greseth, by the way, served as the flagman for several years at Red River Valley Speedway and Norman County Raceway until stepping away after the 2019 season to help Cole focus on his racing. While seat time is the most valuable learning tool for Cole Greseth, his dad also offers a valuable perspective.

“Just always, week to week, try to improve on what you did last week,” Matt said of his advice to Cole.

Cole Greseth’s goals for 2020 are pretty simple.

“I would like to finish in the top five most of the time…but as long we run strong (I’m happy),” Greseth said.

Driver Profile

Cole Greseth

Age: 13

#19 Mini Stock

Hometown: Harwood, N.D.

Sponsors: Innovative Air Heating and Air Conditioning, Quality Engine, Aaron’s Automotive Service, Stremick Trucking, Mom/Dad, Grandparents

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