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Greseth, Carter, Reinke, Mitchell, Trone Lead Sheyenne Winners

I made it back to Sheyenne Speedway in Lisbon for the Dakota Dream was held. The weather was near perfect as 79 cars signed into compete at the quarter-mile.

The NLRA Late Models took center stage with 21 cars on hand. The top two cars in the NLRA points, Mike Greseth of Harwood and Brody Troftgruben of Grand Forks, held the top row.

I’m going to be honest with you this was not one of the cleaner late model races I’ve seen. There were a lot of cautions, and a big wreck on the front stretch, too and some questionable driving, frankly. Which seems to be a trend in racing around this region over the last few weeks, but that’s another blog.

Greseth, the defending NLRA champion, took the early lead over Troftgruben with Brad Seng of Grand Forks, a five-time NLRA serie champion, moving into third.

A big wreck happened early on the frontstretch with Amelia Eisenschenk of West Fargo, Mitch Johnson of Hickson, Shane Edginton of East St. Paul, Man., and Greg Friestad of Valley City all left. Edginton’s 5E ended up under the back of Johnson’s 00; by the way, that was a Rocket chassis he had recently obtained. Johnson left on the hook; Edginton was able to drive away but his night was over. Eisenschenk, driving her uncle Donny Schatz’s 15 late model, and Friestad were able to continue.

I felt for Edginton who has had miserable luck at Sheyenne this year; he got taken out in the June race while leading. He had a mechanical issue which prevented him from starting his heat race on Sunday, leaving him to start 19th on the 21-car field. And then he was involved in the pileup on the frontstretch. Just not his night at all.

Greseth, coming off of his big $5,000 NLRA Golden Hammer Classic win at Devils Lake on Saturday, resumed in the lead with Troftgruben in second and Seng in third.

One driver, Chase Gelling of Aberdeen, had made up some pretty good ground on the high side. He started eighth but had worked into fifth and was pressuring John Seng of Grand Forks for fourth.

A series of cautions took place, and then with six to go Seng got a huge run out of turn two and looked to pass Troftgruben for second, but didn’t quite clear the #14 and there was contact with Troftgruben ended up off of turns three and four. The caution was on the 14 – I disagree with that call, but I also had the benefit of watching the replay on my phone on the stream. I also call things as I see them and in this case I saw the incident clearly.

The bad thing for Troftgruben was the yellow/black had been waved and his night was done.

Cole Schill of Hawley, who started 12th, had worked into the top five and was making his presence felt on the late restart and went around John Seng and Chase Gelling on the outside to take over third, and set his sights on Brad Seng. Greseth, meanwhile checked out on the field.

Greseth, who won the NLRA show at Sheyenne in June, would go onto a 1.992 win over Brad Seng. Schill capped off a great run in third with Gelling finishing a solid fourth. Another driver who quietly had a nice night was Jesse Teunis of Lockport, Man., who finished in fifth.

Glenn Mitchell of Picton, NSW started fourth on the INEX Legends feature but quickly got to the top spot with a pass of early leader Taylor Sargent of Gwinner. His primary foe for the race would be the 28M of Dusty Mund of Lisbon, who started seventh on the 15-car grid.

Those two broke away a bit from the pack as Collin Compson of Valley City moved into third. Sargent and Bo Gregor of Lisbon were locked in a pretty good battle for fourth.

Mund applied the heat to Mitchell up front as Compson would slowly begin to eat into the advantage those two had. A caution would wave when Sargent and Gregor were involved in an incident in turn two. I didn’t see what happened but both were done for the night.

On the restart Mund stayed close to Mitchell but the Australian never flinched to pick up win No. 4 of 2022. Mund would loop his #28M coming out of turn four, allowing Compson to get by for second. Mund recovered to take third ahead of Jeremy Myer of Gwinner, who had a nice run to take fourth. Cody Jawaski of Kindred rounded out the top five. Compson is the point leader heading into next week’s season championship.

Mitchell, by the way, got to do his cheer with the crowd after his win, which is always worth hearing.

The Wissota Street Stock feature turned into a classic battle between 2019 Wissota National Champion Jonny Carter of Fairmount and current national point leader Kyle Dykhoff of Starbuck.

Dykhoff took the early lead with Mike Mund of Milnor giving chase.

Jonny Carter was working the high line, as he does so often at Sheyenne. He was able to get around Mund and set his sights on Dykhoff.

Meanwhile, point leader Kasey Ussatis of Nome and Kyle Anderson of Jamestown were also making up ground on the high side and moved into the top four with Hunter Carter of West Fargo, last week’s winner, in the top five.

Carter and Dykhoff had a terrific race for the top spot, running side by side for several laps. Jonny Carter’s hopes nearly bit the dust as he almost slid off of turn four on the high line, allowing Dykhoff to open some breathing room.

Ussatis was facing the heat from Anderson for the third spot as this was happening up front.

Jonny Carter made up the lost ground quickly and caught Dykhoff, and used a lapped car to his advantage to take over the top spot with the white flag waving. Jonny Carter picked up his fourth win of the year by only .217 seconds over Dykhoff. The two put on a heck of a show up front.

Anderson and Carter both passed Ussatis to finish in third and fourth, respectively with Ussatis rounding out the top five. The feature also tightened up the points in the street stocks; Jonny Carter, who has won seven titles in a row at Sheyenne, leads Anderson by one point, unofficially heading into next week’s season championship. Ussatis is just four behind Carter, so next week is huge for the points race.

Former track champion Nate Reinke of Lisbon hadn’t won at his hometown track since 2019. He ended that drought in a convincing way on Sunday.

Haley Lee of Starbuck and Brennan Urbach of Lisbon, both looking for their first feature win of 2022, led the Wissota Midwest Modifieds to the green. Lee would take the lead with Urbach settling into second.

Reinke soon applied pressure to Urbach for second as Alex Langland of Enderlin settled into fourth. Defending national champion Lucas Rodin of Marion would also move into the top five.

Reinke would get around Urbach and then went to work on Lee up front. Rodin, running the high side, was able to move into third.

Lee would surrender the lead to Reinke, and once the #71 was out front, he checked out. Rodin and Lee then fought for the second spot. Jaren Wibstad of Jamestown also was running well and moved into the top five.

Rodin would move into second on the outside, and Wibstad followed suit into third.

Reinke would pick up his first Sheyenne win since 2019, and his first feature victory of 2022. In his defense, he did race the Rebel Midwest Modified Tour at many different tracks this season against some pretty tough competition. But he made the switch to the SSR Chassis in 2022 and the car looked pretty flawless on Sunday. His margin of victory was 2.839 seconds over Rodin. Wibstad capped off a good run in third, while Lee finished in a solid fourth. Langland rounded out the top five.

The points race, much like the street stocks, is very close at Sheyenne. Zach Reinke of Lisbon leads his brother Nate by four points for the lead, while Wibstad is just 10 points behind Zach Reinke as all three have a shot at the points championship next week.

It was pretty intense racing to start out the Hobby Stock feature as Kelby Anderson held the early lead. Hayden Aberle of Edgeley, Dalton Aabrekke of Lisbon, Jayden Michaelsohn of Aberdeen and Ryan Mund of Milnor were also in the hunt.

Mund would spin his #3 car in turns three and four and that collected Isaiah Throener. Both cars were done.

On the restart Michaelsohn got around Anderson for the top spot and opened up some breathing room as Aberle followed suit.

Anderson and Aabrekke had the best race on the track as they went at it hard for third. Aberle, meanwhile slowly was eating into Michaelsohn’s lead.

Aberle got to Michaelsohn’s bumper but couldn’t get close enough to make a pass. Michaelsohn, the point leader at Sheyenne, would take the win by .336 seconds over Aberle. Aabrekke outlasted Anderson in the battle for third with James Throener rounding out the top five.

Dale Mittleider of Hankinson of took the early lead in the Mini Stock feature but soon was challenged by Mason Bogart of Milnor, who would make the pass for the lead on the outside.

Point leader Tempest Trone of Litchville soon moved into second and set his sights on Bogart up front. Moving into third was John Heacox of Lisbon, who picked up his first career win at Sheyenne earlier this season.

Trone and Bogart ran side by side for a few laps before Trone was able to gain the lead.

Layton Thompson of Lisbon had moved into fourth with Mittleider in fifth.

Bogart stayed close to Trone but it wasn’t enough as Trone picked up his second Sheyenne win of the year. Trone has finished first or second in all five of his starts at Sheyenne this season so it’s no wonder he leads the points. Bogart settled for second with Heacox, Thompson and Mittleider rounding out the top five.

Buffalo River Speedway Crowns Track Champions

Buffalo River Speedway near Glyndon crowned six track champions on Sunday night.

Scott Jacobson of Fargo picked up the IMCA Sport Mod win over Chris VanMil of Barnesville. Kelly Jacobson of Fargo finished third – and wrapped up the season championship in the points race as a result. Patrick Brejcha of Wahpeton was fourth and Macintosh McGrew of Hawley was fifth.

Jason Berg of West Fargo picked up the POWRi Minn-Kota Lightning Sprint main event over Kate Taves of Detroit Lakes, who had a career-best finish in second. Alex Truscinski of Greenbush was third, Alan Truscinski of Greenbush fourth and Dexter Dvergsten of Greenbush fifth. Alex Truscinski won the points title at Buffalo River.

Scott Richardson of Pelican Rapids won his first feature at Buffalo River in a quarter century in the INEX Legends. Alex Braseth of Ulen was second, Ashton Spieker of Sabin third, Tye Wilke of Detroit Lakes fourth and Ryan Braseth of Ulen fifth. Wilke is the 2022 track champion.

Jesse Skalicky of Fargo won the IMCA Modified main event over Luke Johnson of Moorhead. Cody Peterson of Glyndon was third, Rob VanMil of Barnesville fourth and Jamie Schulz of Harwood. Schulz is the 2022 Buffalo River track champion.

Scott Herron of Brainerd wrapped up the point championship in the IMCA Hobby Stock division with a feature win. Nate Hanson of Brainerd was second, Todd Gettel of Mahnomen was third, Caleb Gardner of Glyndon was fourth and Dave McIntire of Walcott was fifth.

Hunter Goulet of Fargo won the Short Tracker feature over Jason Kast of Fairmount, N.D. Adrian Kubitz of Dilworth was third. Jason Kast is the 2022 Short Tracker champion.

Thanks to announcer Corey Litton for the help.

Hansen Wins First Career Feature at Casino

Lindsey Hansen of Watertown, formerly of Jamestown and Fargo, won his first career feature in the Wissota Midwest Modifieds Sunday night at Casino Speedway in Watertown. Adam Brotherton of Huron was second, Scott Hansen of Garden City third, Dawson Zabel of Selby fourth and Mike Nichols of Watertown was fifth.

Chad Becker of Aberdeen, winner of the $3,000 special at Fiesta City Speedway on Saturday, won the Wissota Late Model feature over Josh Skoreczewski of Aberdeen. Curt Kranz of Watertown was third, Tyler McDonald of Huron was fourth and Scott Ward of Watertown was fifth.

Luke Johnson of Miller, S.D, won the Wissota Street Stock feature over Maria Broksieck of Goodwin. Jason Marko of Watertown was third, Andy Rossow of Florence was fourth and Matt Goth of Huron was fifth.

Tyler Peterson of Hickson topped Cayden Schmeling of Watertown for the Wissota Modified feature win. Duke Erickson of Sioux Falls was third, Dale Ames of Huron fourth and Trevor Anderson of Watertown was fifth.

Adam VanDerostyne of Canby topped Jeff Asche of Willmar for the Wissota Hornet win. Scott Harrington of Waubay topped Kranz for the Viessman Late Model win with Tony Croninger of Watertown taking third.

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