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  • tombergie01

Enough Already...

We've seen a few too many of these posts this spring.

The numbers are kinda depressing. Of the eight tracks in the RaceChaser coverage area, there have been 22 racing programs scheduled -- and six held (27 percent). I am optimistic that Jamestown, Buffalo River Race Park and Sheyenne Speedway will get some racing in this weekend. All three have big shows planned.

In the cancelled shows I included the opening weeks that were initially postponed at area tracks.

Six races, 16 cancelled. Brutal start to the year. Some tracks out of the area haven't even opened yet (Fiesta City in Montevideo, Devils Lake). I do find it interesting that two tracks in Canada, Red River Co-op Speedway by Winnipeg and ALH Speedway by Morden, have opened already.

Drivers and fans are frustrated and understandably so.Tracks lose money on cancelled shows on advertising (print or radio). Drivers invest time and money to get their cars ready for the season only to have no where to race.

Now in the grand scheme of life, things aren't as bad here as they have been in Missouri and Iowa, where tornadoes and flooding have devastated homes and businesses.

Here is what has happened locally:

--River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks has cancelled three of its four nights.

--Viking Speedway in Alexandria has two rainouts and one show in.

--I-94 Speedway has raced once with three nights cancelled, including the first two nights on May 3 and 10.

--Norman County Raceway's opener was rained out on Thursday. The 3/8-mile oval in Ada will open this Thursday.

--Red River Valley Speedway's opener was canceled on May 3, and the May 24 show was rained out. So RRVS is 2-for-4.

--Sheyenne Speedway's opener was cancelled on May 19. On Monday, May 27 the 1/4-mile track in Lisbon has a big night planned which I am looking forward to.

--Jamestown Speedway's opener on May 4 was cancelled, and so was the track's May 18 show. Jamestown is 1-for-3 but Saturday's show seems on track to get in which could be a big night for the track.

--Buffalo River Race Park is 0-for-2, although things look positive for the 1/4-mile oval by Glyndon to open with their NOSA Sprint Show on Sunday.

The other issues is the tracks drying out. Some say why not try and race when the weather is lousy -- my response is two-fold. First, the likelihood of having a good crowd is not good; second, getting the track packed and smooth will prove difficult.

Let's hope June is a dry month and that we can hit the local racing scene hard.

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