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A New Look...

The RaceChaser blog has a new look and a new name. The website is

I am still tweaking some design stuff but the big key in switching to a new site is the domain and name. The archives will remain for a while at the old site and are linked above but from now on this will be the new site.

I will still do some driver profiles, some editorials and also some race recaps/notebooks when I visit a track but will also try to do some more feature stories beyond driving -- like about fans, track workers (such as the one on 91-year-old ticket taker Vern Olson at Viking Speedway last year), pit crew, etc, or the story on long-time ND racer Bob Sagen in 2018.

I also hope to do some post-race video interviews with drivers at whatever track I am attending.

The goal is to promote racing mainly within a 125-mile radius of Fargo-Moorhead, not only to recognize drivers and tracks but to tell deeper stories. Racing is a special sport with a lot of wonderful people and stories to tell. I may venture out of that area from time to time as I travel, too but the main focus is that radius around F-M.

One story I really want to do is to get drivers whose fathers raced to send me a paragraph or two on the influence of their dads on their race careers. I am still formulating how to do that but it is in the works.

I am ALWAYS open to feature story ideas. Some of them depend on time -- we have our second child scheduled to arrive in July -- but I certainly will consider them. my email is

The big hope I have for this summer is to see racing grow. Not only car counts, but crowds. It's a challenging time for this sport many of us love but that also presents a great opportunity.

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